Backwater Thrills in Goa

About Backwater Cruise in Goa from GTDC

Goa has fames cruises along the Mandovi’s mangrove lined banks, and the islands of Chorao and Divar and Old Goa City.

The excursion itself is like a trek back in time to the Goa of old where life was straightforward and wonderful. You see miles of rich greenery and thick mangroves. If you are lucky you may see an expansive crocodile sunning himself throughout his evening break. Immense freight boats float soundlessly through the shimmering water of this moderate moving stream. As you go further upriver you see the stacking docks where huge amounts of iron mineral are stacked on to the freight boat from tipper trucks.

This cruise is an unquestionable requirement bird-watchers. The journey takes you near to the migratory and resident birds along the riverine tip of Dr Salim Ali’s Bird Sanctuary at Chorao Island.

Departure Time: 9:30 am

Arrival Time: 4:00 pm

Days of boat tours: Tuesdays and Fridays

Cost: Rs 900/- per head (inclusive of refreshment and lunch)*

*Note: Please check with GTDC Cruise department or website for latest and correct information on Backwater cruise tour package and price.

Goa Cruise Tours

For advance booking of backwater cruises in Goa you can contact here:


Shri Armando Duarte

Sr. Manager (Hotels/Tours/ Cruises)

Mobile: + 91 9881465776


Tel Off: +(91)-(832)-2226515/2224132

Fax: +(91)-(832)-2423926

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