Bambolim Beach

Bambolin beach is a generally small beach frequented by locals more so than voyagers. Bambolim beach is the perfect beach for those who want to spend their maximum time entertaining in the ocean and soak up the sun. It is situated in North Goa, close to the Dona Paula beach. Bambolim beach is the ideal beach if you want to spend maximum time regaling in the sea and soak up the sun. The Bambolim beach has its beach shacks where delicious Goan food can be tasted. The restaurants offer stunning nourishment as well as the exact area provides for you the blending of magnificence and pleasure.

The Bambolim Beach of Goa is a secluded spot from the terrain and this is the thing that provides for it a desolate and extraordinary look. The Bambolim beach is a pleasure for every individuals who love to go out in the harsh oceans on a watercraft and revel in.Bambolim is also the location of the campus of Goa University and the Goa Medical College and Hospitals.

Location of Bambolim Beach

Bambolim beach is located about 7 kms from Panaji along the Panaji – Vasco route to the airport.

How to Reach Bambolim Beach

There are a number of buses that run from Panaji and Vasco via Bambolim. The nearest interstate bus station is at Panaji, the KTC bus station.

Accommodation in Bambolim Beach (Hotels and Resorts)


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