Hawaii Beach

Hawaii beach is a part of popular Dona Paula beach acknowledged as the paradise of beach side customers, placed near Panjim city. The beach is far from aggravation. It is a cool free vacation spot unspoiled by the commercialization drive which has overwhelmed the vast majority of the Goan beaches. The Hawaii beach manages a quiet and private delight in sun sand and the marvelous ocean. The beach is for all intents and purpose unfilled in the mornings and is practically eminently occupied in the evenings by the sunset lovers. Few shacks along the coast cook for sustenance and drinks and the ever bashful dolphins play look a-boo up and down the shores of the Hawaii beach.

Hawaii beach is a most loved gateway for adolescent couples looking for loneliness. The beach has figured out how to keep its virginity in place and likewise it is perfect for captivating, exciting and adventurous sailing activities and water sports activities in Goa.

Tourist Attractions – Places to See in Hawaii Beach

Beach Side Shopping at Hawaii Beach: Dona Paula is the top most best place for beach shopping in Goa.

Other Tourist Spots Around Hawaii Beach: Dona Paula Beach is the nearest spot for more adventure and fun for tourists.

Location of Hawaii Beach

Hawaii beach Goa is part of famous Dona Paula so is considered as the heaven of beach side shoppers. It is located quite close to Panjim city.

How to Reach Hawaii Beach

To reach Hawaii beach in Goa, visitors need to cross the jetty as this pleasure paradise Hawaii beach is situated on the opposite side of Dona Paula.

Accommodation in Hawaii Beach (Hotels and Resorts)


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