Foreign Consulates in Goa

Foreign Consulates in Goa

There are certain diplomatic missions, which are sent by the foreign countries in order to maintain healthy relations with other countries of the World. The title Consul actually refers to the official representatives of the government of one state and in the territory of another. Having an office of Consul helps in protecting the interests of the citizen’s of the Consul’s own country.

The office of Consul is termed as Consulate. The main feature of this office of the Consulate is that it is subordinate to the state’s main representative in that foreign country. This main representative is known as the Embassy.

Similarly there are Foreign Consulates in Goa also. This facilitates trade and commerce in the state of Goa between other countries. These offices of Embassies and Consulates also protect the interest of the various citizens of the Consulates country visiting or staying in Goa. Any issues regarding these citizens are solved in the Embassies and the Consulates.

There re quite a few consulates located in Goa. You can contact them for any assistance and queries:


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