Cabo Raj Bhavan

Cabo Raj Bhavan Goa

Cabo Raj Bhavan presently known as Raj Bhavan, situated at the end of a narrow cape where the Mandovi and Zuari rivers merge into the sea is known as the Governor’s Palace. It is the official residence of the governor of Goa and after the liberation of Goa it came to be known as the Cabo Raj Niwas.The fort holds the most panoramic view that one can witness in Goa with the Indian Ocean towards the west, the Bay of the river Mandovi and Fort Aguada on the north and the busy port of Marmagao. Cabo Raj Bhavan is a beautifully located building structure almost like a fort and grand like a palace at the western point of a peninsula in Panaji.

Coba raj bhavan- (image by about goa)

History and Legend of Cabo Raj Bhavan

In 1540, the eighth Governor, D. Estevao de Gama, proposed the idea of constructing some fortifications at the mansion site to guard the entrance to both the Mandovi and Zuari rivers which later became the official residence of the Government of Goa. The Cabo was converted into one of the best equipped and important fortresses over the years.During the Portuguese regime the place was the official residence of the Governor General of Goa known as “Palacio do Cabo”.But after the liberation of Goa,it along with Daman and Diu became a union territory of India and hence “Palacio do Cabo” became “Cabo Raj Niwas” the official residence of the Lt. Governor of the Union Territory of Goa, Daman and Diu. In 1987, when Goa got statehood the building was renamed to Raj Bhavan to match the names of other official residences of governors of states in India.

At present, the office of the Governor is on the ground floor of the palace and also the offices of Secretary to Governor, OSD to Governor, ADC to Governor and other administrative offices.

Attractions around Cabo Raj Bhavan

At Cabo Raj Bhavan one can also visit a small church that was founded in 1541 by the Portuguese which is known as the Our Lady of Cabo church. The ruins of the small military cemetery the British built at the time of their brief occupation of the Cabo during the Napoleonic war are also there. Every year feast of Chapel of Virgin Mary is celebrated here on 15th August.

Opening and Closing time (Fees) of Cabo Raj Bhavan

The Opening and Closing time and Fees of Cabo Raj Bhavan will be updated soon.

Location of Cabo Raj Bhavan

Cabo Raj Bhavan is located 9km from Panaji, Cabo fort lies on the peninsula land jutting out in the Arabian Sea, at Dona Paula.

How To Reach Cabo Raj Bhavan

You can take taxi or motorbike on rent to reach this beautiful architectural and historical palace.


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