Goa Cruises and Boats

Goa Cruises and Boats

The cruise tours in Goa are quite famous among tourists and local people. The boat cruises are a must for every tourist’s itinerary in Goa. Enjoyment guaranteed to every man, woman and child of any age.

In boats and cruise you can sit and enjoy the different rhythms of the goan folk music, the boat, the drumming of the dancers’ feet and the rhythm of the Mandovi River. You can also enjoy drinks in the beautiful vistas of the open Arabian Sea with the capital city of Panaji flowing prettily past, further up river past the velvety green island of Chorao.

Goa Cruise and Boat Tours
Goa Cruise and Boat Tours

There are two luxury boats launched in Goa from GTDC:

  • Santa Monica
  • Shantadurga.

Abou Santa Monica
The Santa Monica is a luxury launch built on a twin hull and used for daily evening cruises on river Mandovi. The sunset and sundown cruises along the River Mandovi are an experience to remember. The boats take you either west to see the sunset or east to the island of Chorao. To add that extra zing to the evening a live band plays on board and folk dances are performed for passengers. One of the best times to take the evening boat cruise is during the Christmas and New Year season in Goa when Panjim’s entire riverfront with its beautiful heritage buildings and trees are outlined in fairy lights.

Types of Cruise (boat) Tours in Goa

  • Sunset Cruise in Goa
  • Sundown Cruise in Goa
  • Dinner Cruise in Goa
  • Backwater Thrills in Goa
Goan Performances in Goa Cruise Tours
Goan Performances in Goa Cruise Tours

For advance booking of cruises in Goa you can contact here:

Smt. Rekha Nirlekar
Dy. General Manager (Tours/ Cruises)
Mobile: + 91 9049086494
Email: dgmtc@goa-tourism.com
Tel Off: + 91 0832 2226515/2224132
Fax: + 91 0832 2423926 / 2420779

For more and latest information on Goa Cruise tours and boat tours visit: http://www.goa-tourism.com/cruises.php?id=1

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