Konkani Drama Festival

About Konkani Drama Festival

Goa is renowned for its diverse art forms including Art forms like singing, drama, dance, painting and poetry that are widely appreciated and worshiped in the country. Konkani Drama Festival is generally celebrated for 5 days. It starts in the evening so that people can attend the festival after work as it aims at providing a break to people from their mundane lives.

Konkani Drama Festival (image by flick rhive mind)

Konkani Drama Festival Date

The Konkani Drama Festival is celebrated in the month of January and celebrated for 5 days in Panaji.

Traditions of Konkani Drama Festival

In the Konkani Drama festival tourists around the world came to be the part of it as it is organized by the Goa Kala Academy, where a host of artists from all across the country showcase their talent and skills.

Tourist Essential

The major performances in the year 2011 were by the drama troupe Sattari, which performed plays like ‘Range’ and ‘Homekhand’. Other plays performed during this festival were ‘Ans’ and ‘Korta ti Vatt’ by Porvorim Art Production, ‘Iltech and Oxech’ by Antruz Lalitak and Bandora. It is a competition,with prizes awarded to the best performing group at the end.

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