Temples in Goa

Goa Temples

Goan temples are also called as Deul or a Sausthan in Konkani. The temple is used to be the centre of the village or city, and all the other social, cultural and economic gatherings in Goa.The Goan temples are in essence like the most Hindu temples in India, based around a deity which is worshipped as the architecture of these temples is little different mostly because of historical reasons.

Shantadurga Temple- (image by wiki)

History and Legend of Goa Temples

In the older days, Goa was known as Gomantakesha from which the name ‘Goa’ is formed from the first and the last syllables. Another theory about Goa’s name concerns Lord Krishna, who came to this land and met the gopikas or cowherd girls and, fascinated, named it after them and their cows. ‘Govapuri’ was this name, which also shortens to ‘Goa’. Endlessly romantic myths are lost in the mists of time but which nevertheless remind us of this golden land’s undeniable associations with our
ancient past.

The temples have been well maintained and deserve to be visited as they date back to over a thousand years. Visiting these temples makes one realize that they have not been touched by commercialization.

Beauty of Temples of Goa

Some of the pilgrimage and holy places in Goa include the Noroa River, the Arvalem Waterfall, and the Brahma Camandolu or Water Pot of Brahma – the creator, in the old Goa Hills. One more sacred place is Sidhanath Mountain in Borim Village amongst which the myriad temples found and also there is a vast representation of the gods and goddesses of the Hindu pantheon. The primary design of any Hindu temple is organized around the central shrine that houses the main deity and a tower or “Shikara” arises from the main shrine which is traditionally shaped like a pyramid.


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