Polem Beach

Polem is a lovely secludes and peaceful beach that has extends of white sands and rough headlands. It is suitable for those who need to be by themselves away from the crowded areas as it is a completely confined beach. This dynamite beach has remained untouched by the visitor and presents a cool and serene stretch of brilliant sandy shore only for you, your friends and family to enjoy. This clean and unspoilt vacation spot of Polem is handy for swimming and sunbathing. One can even see various dolphins and white-bellied fish eagles that regularly come here.

Polem beach mornings and early evenings are splendidly quiet aside from the relieving sound of the relentless waves and the evening yield various guests and locals to delight in the superb dusk. The crescent shaped bay is characterized by soak lush headlands on both sides. In the event that you take a day trek to Polem vacation spot, chances are you will be one of not many visitors on the beach, quite potentially the stand out

Things to do at Polem Beach

One thing to do on Polem shore, is to simply relax on the beach, as it happens, that is likewise the main thing to do on Polem beach.

Location of Polem Beach

Polem beach is located in Canacona taluka in South Goa, close to the Karnataka border and the port town of Karwar, in Karnataka. It is beautiful 700m stretch secluded beach, off the beaten track beach, with golden sand and fringed by tall palm trees.

How to Reach Polem Beach

To reach Polem beach, from Palolem beach or Patnem beach, follow the NH-17 and the signs for Karwar. The road runs through fields,wilderness and a couple of little towns before it trips up on top of the headland where Goa finishes and Karnataka starts, just before you reach the border there is a sign, partly hidden by bushes, for Polem beach. Take after the little way for a few km’s and you will end up on the beach. By scooter from Chaudi this journey will take you approx. 30minutes. Remember that driving on the NH-17 means more and faster moving traffic compared to the smaller country roads, so keep your head up and drive carefully.

There are a number of buses one can take from Panjim, Margao or Chaudi that go to Karwar to travel to Polem. However from the stop one has to walk for around 15 minutes across paddy fields to reach the place.

Accommodation in Polem Beach (Hotels and Resorts)

There is not much to talk about in the way of accommodation on Polem beach. The few places that are available on the beach offer cold drinks, simple meals and very basic accommodation in palm leaf huts. The price for a hut is Rs 200.


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